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  you probably didnt learn how to prepare for anal sex in sex edand unlike p-in-v (or toy-in-v) sex, anal play does require some planning ahead.   i was thinking, what would happen if you were to have anal sex while constipated? Thelastindependent. Joined oct 15, 2011 messages 1,545 reaction score 466 location north carolina gender male political leaning libertarian jul 23, 2012 2 that is a very odd question that i have never thought of.   when youre constipated, your bms are typically harder and thus more difficult to pass, so you strain and push and bear down. There are very strong muscles at the anal sphincter, and when you pass a hard stool, you may tear the tissues there, says dr. Ignoring the urge may make you physically uncomfortable, and it can cause or worsen constipation. Some people find it helps to set aside time after breakfast or another meal for a bowel movement.   but understandably, a major concern about anal sex is that itll make you poop. First off, its highly unlikely that youll actually poop because of anal stimulation.   constipation is a very common complaint, and a persons lifestyle and diet often play a role. Eating foods such as yogurt, pulses, wheat bran, and prunes can increase the frequency of bowel.   if youve ever gotten the runs while running, you know that exercise has a regulating effect on the body. Inactivity does the complete opposite a low level of physical activity is a major risk. Red meat can make a person constipated, and it can cause constipation for several reasons. Red meat is high in fat, so it takes longer for the digestive tract to process it. An anal fissure is a small tear or cut in the skin lining of the anus. Pain andor rectal bleeding during bowel movements are common symptoms of anal fissures.

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