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A low-colonic anastomosis may then be performed using a double-staple, end-to-end anastomosis technique to minimize fecal contamination. The size of the stapling device should be based on the caliber of the anal opening, which must accommodate the stapler itself (fig.).   an anastomosis typically refers to a connection between blood vessels or between two loops of the intestine. Resection and colo-anal anastomosis with colonic reservoir for rectal carcinoma. Sphincter-saving operations are now generally accepted for the treatment of mid-rectal cancers. Many techniques have been described low colorectal anastomosis, pull-through procedures, and colo-anal anastomosis. The ileo-colic type with accompanying anal protrusion is extremely rare. The case at hand is that of both an ileo-colic intussusception with anal protrusion, in the presence of a persistence of both the ascending and descending mesocolons. Ileal pouchanal anastomosis surgery was developed by sir alan parks and john nicholls in 1978, where the ileal pouch reservoir was anastomosed to the dentate line using a peri anal suturing technique 19.   a right hemicolectomy was done, with ileo-transverse colonic anastomosis. Histopathological examination revealed no preexisting pathologic lesion as a lead point. Conclusion the persistence of the ascending and descending mesocolons (azygosis) best explains the anal protrusion of an ileo-colic intussusception with partial obstruction. It bifurcates, and its ascending branch courses directly toward the splenic flexure and anastomoses with the left branch of the middle colic artery, whereas the descending branch anastomoses with the sigmoid arteries. A portocaval anastomosis is a specific type of anastomosis that occurs between the veins of the portal circulation and those of the systemic circulation. The inferior end of the esophagus and the superior part of the rectum are potential sites of a harmful portacaval anastomosis. In portal hypertension, as in the case of cirrhosis of the liver, the anastomoses become congested and form venous. An anastomosis (plural anastomoses) is a connection or opening between two things (especially cavities or passages) that are normally diverging or branching, such as between blood vessels, leaf veins, or streams. Such a connection may be normal (such as the foramen ovale in a fetuss heart) or abnormal (such as the patent foramen ovale in an adults heart) it may be acquired (such as an.). Ileocolic anastomosis is a type of procedure used to connect two structures in the digestive tract, more specifically the colon and ileum.

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